NFT may be widely used in the retail industry, service industry, self-media, games, DeFi and other fields.

NFTs are generally known as a particular type of digital collectible, such as digital art, digital trading card, a short video, a picture. NFTs are unique items verified and secured by a blockchain, the same technology used for cryptocurrencies. An NFT provides authencity of origin, ownership, uniqueness, scarcity, and permanence for any particular item.

If you use the "elevator pitch" (i.e. expressing your point of view in an attractive way) to explain NFT, we have all heard about these benefits of NFT:

  • Bring unlimited royalties to artists;
  • Make the community own the ownership of the NFT;
  • 24/7 trading market;
  • token-gated (using tokens as tokens) to unlock the access method;

All this is pretty good, but the next step for NFT is to really open up my mind, let me do it one by one.

  1. The large-scale popularization and application of NFT in the retail industry
  2. Large-scale popularization and application of NFT in the service industry
  3. Social Movement
  4. From the media (Social feeds) market
  5. NFT lending platform

NFT is only an avatar?  Brain Hole opens unlimited use cases for the future of NFT

The large-scale popularization and application of NFT in the retail industry

Retailers from 7-11 to Gamestop will use NFTs to incentivize real-world transactions, using creators to drive traffic to storefronts. For example, Yeezy NFT, which can only be unlocked by purchasing from a Gap retail store, or NFT, which can unlock features exclusive to Tesla cars.

Large-scale popularization and application of NFT in the service industry

NFT will be used in the future to unlock access to the service and community of enthusiasts. NFT holders will be able to interact with influential chefs, photographers, doctors, and niche hobby communities for Q&A and tutorials in the future, and this type of model will flourish.

This will also extend to real-world services, such as transportation, hotels, and massage services.

Social Movement

As millions of people enter the crypto community, the community that supports political causes through NFT ownership will gain strong attention.

It is conceivable that there will be an NFT group involved in the social movement of climate change in the future. The sales income of related NFTs will be used for political lobbying, and these work will be coordinated by the community DAO.

From the media (Social feeds) market

In the future, there will be social information streams based on NFT collections, such as introducing the strategies and research of top collectors, and platforms for interacting with collectors.

These social information streams will evolve into social e-commerce markets, with functions such as comments and analysis.

Multiplayer games (Multiplayer)

NFT will create hive activities by stimulating group behavior. For example, once the MMORPG game reaches 10,000 users, a new level will be unlocked. Airdrop rare NFTs to users who have signed contracts and pooled their underlying NFT funds.

Collection will then become a team sport.

NFT lending platform

Since NFTs can unlock temporary access rights, such as attending meetings, the short-term lending market is emerging. For example, I personally lend $FWB to my friends so they can participate in related activities.
Think of it as a market: StubHub (a ticket agency company), but the transaction object is NFT.

NFT Index

As the market vane instructs the use of collectors to invest funds into NFTs, investments indirectly gaining exposure to hundreds of NFT projects through the index will surge.

Imagine the emergence of "Christie's NFT ETF" in the future world. They will have the power to make assets liquid-investors will be crazy stud.

Such indexes will also expand support for the NFT community.


So far, crypto lending projects have been opposed to NFT holders using NFT as collateral to borrow money.

However, with the inflow of institutional funds in the future, NFT assets will become a better means of storage of value. By then, the collateral market will provide flexibility and liquidity to all NFT holders, instead of being exclusive to such rights by giant whales.


In the future, NFT can be split into several equity shares, so more people can invest in NFT blue chip assets, such as owning a certain fraction of cryptopunk.

What will be the result? As more funds enter the NFT market, the liquidity of NFT holders increases, and the appreciation of NFT blue chip assets will be even greater.


As NFT enthusiasts become more and more simpler and easier to pledge NFT assets and cultivate income, the income that NFT will bring will not be limited to APY.

NFT will become the underlying asset of DeFi, including the provision of community access qualifications. Such projects will not be a simple savings game-NFT will become an investment in the community in the future.

NFT is only an avatar?  Brain Hole opens unlimited use cases for the future of NFT

In exchange for loyalty

As brands and creators seek to increase loyalty, fans' activities in the community will receive NFT rewards. Member contributed content? Will receive NFT. Participated in the survey answer sheet? Will receive NFT. Have a purchase activity? Will receive NFT.

Compared with traditional coupons, tokens are more liquid and more face.


Brands and creators will obtain insights on product development from the outside world by providing NFT rewards: pain points, marketing propositions, roadmaps, etc.

NFT can be a stepping stone to get product launches and share potential profits as early as possible. The brand will track and maintain these vital relationships.

Content contribution

In the future, users can submit short videos, comments and tutorials in exchange for NFT rewards. This is a cold start flywheel in the marketing field.

The corresponding rights and interests can be written into smart contracts through code, and the advertising effects of the contributor’s content can be used to bring future profits to the content contributor.

Customer Group NFT

Imagine if you received the corresponding NFT because of one of the first customers of Air Jordan shoes, how valuable this NFT will be today. What special channels and products will Nike use to reward you in many years.

Group NFT is used to prove that you have taken a specific action at a specific time.

Customer education and customer support

If users show extraordinary knowledge of brand products, they can get NFT rewards. Companies can use this method to attract newcomers to the community or provide customer support.

This may be more influential than brand employees doing the same thing.


Creators and brands will post unique tasks in the community, and reward certain NFTs for those who complete the corresponding tasks. Such tasks can cover anything, from completing questionnaires, to recommending members for the community, and participating in activities, and so on.

Bounty may be highly competitive or completely open.


The NFT community realizes the gamification of participating activities by ranking the performance and participation of leading coin holders.

Top contributors will receive rewards and corresponding influence weights, thereby incentivizing the community to actively hold NFTs and participate in activities to ensure better returns on their investments.

The development of NFT has just started, and the future is bright. The widespread popularity and rewards of NFT technology for community participation are making good progress every day. The market prospects are extremely bright.

NFT may be widely used in the retail industry, service industry, self-media, games, DeFi and other fields. NFT may be widely used in the retail industry, service industry, self-media, games, DeFi and other fields. Reviewed by Nischal Lal Shrestha on November 26, 2021 Rating: 5

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